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Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate

Molecular formula: Na4P2O7
Our product is white powdery solids, dissolves in water, but not in alcohol or ammonia, the solution is basicity, can be used as water softener, additive agent of the detergent, bleaching of string, printing and dyeing, precise bleaching assistant, manufacture of the syhthetic rubber, electroplating burdening, electrolyzation and other materials of pyrosulfate, also can be used for theatment of the surface.of the metal, the dehydrogennation of hydrocarbon and the catalytic agent of polymer process. the quality meet the GB9006-88 standards.



Water insoluble


Ph value(2% solution)


Or thophosphate(PO4)

no distinct yellow color when react with 0.1NAgNO3

Packing :
In 50/25kgs plastic woven bags net each.

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